Pak China Investment Company Limited


Job Description

Functional Designation:

Group Head - Risk Management

Reporting Function

Managing Director

Basic Responsibility / Function

To oversee and manage risks associated with business and operational activities of the Company

Responsibilities and Authorities


§ Responsible for leading the Risk Management Department

§ Supervising risk review functions in the Company

§ Ensuring that risk taking decisions are in line with the business strategy and objectives set by Board of Directors

§ Advising business and operational units on risk issues

§ Ensuring organization’s risk exposure remains within limits established by Board of Directors

§ Setting parameters for risk activities and reviewing compliance with these parameters

§ Ensuring inter-departmental functional linkages for monitoring, identifying, analyzing, measuring and managing risk exposure

§ Developing, updating and proposing changes in Risk Management policies, procedures and operating parameters

§ Act as a secretary to the Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors

§ Responsible for ascertaining training needs and proposing training courses / workshops for Risk Management staff


Credit Risk

· Responsible for preparation and maintenance of internal credit rating system

· Accountable for pre and post disbursement risk review of borrowers

· Informing management on any market signals that may affect the asset quality of credit portfolio

· Overseeing the rating process and giving its final decision on the proposed credit rating of borrowers.

· Responsible for periodic and on required basis rating review of credit portfolio

Market Risk

· Responsible for overseeing the impact of interest rates or market rates movement on the on and off-balance positions of the Company

· Treasury Middle Office (TMO)/official responsible to monitor Market risk for collecting necessary data directly from treasury operations and generating MIS for managing risk prudently

· Ensuring market exposure to remain within approved limits

· Monitoring liquidity risk with timely advices on avoiding liquidity crunch or uneconomical costs of funds

· Overseeing preparation of appropriate MIS reports that covers gap and reprising reporting

Operational Risk

· Responsible for developing Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) for quantification of operational risk

· Responsible for periodic review of operational activities, systems and processes

· Ensuring sufficient resources to cover loss from risk exposures


The official will be responsible for safe and sound record keeping of RMD’s records. He has to ensure intra-department harmony and recommends appropriate training of his staff.


The official will be accountable for the planning, development and execution of RMD’s budget.

Skills Required

· Hands on command on financial analysis

· Understanding of macro & micro issues in business analysis

· Good interpersonal and communication skills

· Ability to make articulate presentations

· Knowledge of economic issues and prevalent trends

· Coordinate with different internal and external stakeholders


Divisional Head, Risk Management

Reporting Function

Group Head of Risk Management

Basic Responsibility / Function

Assists Head of Risk Management in the smooth implementation and execution of Risk Management functions / activities in Pak China

Responsibilities and Authorities

Credit Risk

· Independent review of in-principle approvals in light of internal and external regulations, risk profile and transaction features

· Risk analysis of credit & investment proposal, Note for Approvals and Deferral / Waiver requests

· Annual review and obligor / facility rating update

· Maintaining credit risk information and timely dissemination to management

· Coordinate with external agencies and analysts for timely and accurate market information

· Preparation, approval and dissemination of Facility Advising Letter

· Regular portfolio monitoring to identify potential problematic accounts for attention of Senior Management

· Monitoring of Board approved sectorial ceiling, risk concentrations and Assume role of Secretary for Credit Committee, Risk Review Committee and assist GH-RMG in Board Risk Management Committee

· Assist GH-RMG in review and update of credit risk policy & manual, risk concentrations and lending criterion

Market Risk

· Daily monitoring of counter party limits and repricing sensitivities in money market deals

· Risk analysis and performance review on monthly and quarterly basis

· Coordination with Treasury/ MM for trade specific dynamics, alternatives and scenario planning

· Review of counterparty limits, broker / dealer limits and Treasury code of conduct

· code of conduct, Monitoring of interbank rates, interest rate expectations and other market information

· Maintain adequate MIS for market & liquidity risk

· Assist GH-RMG in ALCO , RRC and BRMC presentations

· Assist GH-RMG in review and update of market & liquidity risk policy

Liquidity Risk

· Monitoring of liquidity situation arising from money market operations with respect to asset liability mix

· Assessing the optimal strategy to avoid incremental costs

· Assist in generating reports for accurate analysis of liquidity needs in light of trading book, corporate finance portfolio and equity position

Operational Risk

· Support RCs in quarterly RCSA / KRI reporting

· Planning & execution of spot checks to confirm results of RCSA & KRIs. Report and discuss findings with GH-RMG for onward discussion with respective REOs

· Summarising RCSA/KRI exercise on quarterly basis along with reporting to various stakeholders and committees

· Review of potential / incurred / reported operational risk events, their review to determine the reasons for the event & amount of potential / actual loss and its categorization. Maintenance of Operational Loss register and its reporting to concerned authorities

· Continuous review and update of RCSA / KRI templates to incorporate all emerging operational risks and controls developed there-against

· Support REOs / RCOs / GH-RMG in devising appropriate controls / SOPs

· Frequent review / update of Operational Risk Policy & Manuals


· Responsible for staff working in RMG

· Responsible for record keeping of above mentioned activities and MIS

· Coordination with all functional departments of the company

· Coordination with regulators and external agencies

Skills Required

· Proficient user of MS Office

· Command on financial / economic analysis

· Good report writing  / communication skills

· Organizational coordination

· Efficient record keeping