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A Development Finance Institution (DFI) established in 2007, in light of the joint venture agreement between the Government of Pakistan and the Peoples Republic of China through the Ministry of Finance and China Development Bank respectively. Being a DFI, PCICL is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan.

PCICL was established to act as a bridge for the promotion of bilateral Trade and Investment between the two brotherly counties and with an objective of financing economically viable and technically feasible projects. Since last 15 years, PCICL has been playing a vital role for the economic development of Pakistan through an active advisory role to attract Chinese investment in Pakistan and by providing a wide range of Financial services in infrastructure, Industrial, Agriculture, Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Real Estate sectors. 



Tentative Rate of Investments with PCICL
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months


Entity Rating

  • Long Term
  • Short Term

Associated Companies

Corporate Information

  • Company’s Registration Number: 6828/20070701
  • Place of Registration: Islamabad
  • National Tax Number: 3012669-1
  • The legal advisor of the Company: Mohsin Tayab Ali 
  • Auditors of the Company: EY Ford Rhodes, Chartered Accountants

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