Our Core Values

Our Corporate Culture and Values
A blend of Pakistani and Chinese colleagues promoting a healthy multicultural environment is core strength of PCICL's Team. This multicultural working environments allow our team to get under the skin of cultures that are incongruous to their own. As such, our employees acquire a level of knowledge that will not only help them perform their jobs better but provide the tools to expand their careers internationally. It’s our culture of shared knowledge that has contributed for organizational and individual growth over time. 
A set of five core values is the foundation of our culture, which explains the conduct and attitude of our people towards each other and our customers. Every staff member is committed to practice these values to make PCICL a sustainable and viable Financial Institution.
Above all, we are committed to inculcate integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere based on adherence to moral and ethical principles.

Requiring us all to learn from each other and to share our skills and resources to achieve our organizational goal. We are committed to continuous learning, an entrepreneurial, go-getting spirit and a supportive work place. 

We respect the dignity of each individual and recognize each person’s merit and inherent potential. We strive for open and sincere communication and appreciate diversity of opinions.

We believe passionately in what we do, never to compromise our standards and values, meticulous adherence to undeviating courtesy, honesty, and responsibility in one's dealings with customers and associates, plus a level of excellence that goes over and above the commercial considerations.

We inspire individuals to develop the ability to exercise self governance. In order to ingrain integrity and ethical conduct, our employees are encouraged to foster grave sense of personal accountability; with a managerial focus towards developing and implementing explicit strategies to bring our corporate values to life, making them tangible and an integral part of an employee’s objectives.