Corporate Banking

The Corporate Banking & SME Group aims at providing solutions by offering funded and non-funded facilities to customers both for short term and long term through financing or syndication to corporations and financial institutions for promoting investment related activities in the country under the overall guidance of the Board of Directors and its committees. 
The company is able to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services geared to meet the demands and complexities of the corporate finance sector – from catering to working capital needs to expansion plans/capital expenditure, funding of commercial leases as well as massive development projects:
  • Long term financing;
  • Lease financing;
  • Short term/ working capital financing;
  • Credit lines to financial sector;
  • Investment in term finance certificates;
  • Guarantees;
  • Participation in syndicate financing; 
  • LC Risk Sharing.
  • Long term finance facility under State Bank of Pakistan’s LTFF Scheme