Mission & Vision

Our Mission 
  • Be a channel of investment flow by becoming prime advisors for investors from Pakistan and China.
  • Identify and Capitalize on opportunities in Pakistan by leveraging on Chinese technology, financial resources and entrepreneurial expertise.
  • Act as a catalyst of success for our customers by responding for their needs and develop a lasting Relationship.
  • Create a culture of performance integrity and efficiency where productivity performance and innovation are the hallmarks.
  • Build state of the art technology platform and applications.
  • Produce exceptional results while keeping within acceptable risk levels.

Our Vision
  • To become a leading DFI as HUB of investment activities for Pakistani and Chinese entrepreneurs through our in depth market knowledge, providing innovative financial solutions through exceptional people, efficient processes, innovative solutions and strong customer relationships.
  • Focus on bringing Chinese investment, technology, and know-how to Pakistan by conducting Road Shows and other promotion activities allowing Pak China investment Company to be used as a platform for investment decisions in entering the Pakistani market.