Pak China Investment Company Limited

Mr. Wang Baojun
Managing Director

Mr. Wang has assumed the office of Managing Director/ Executive Director of the Company in May, 2018. He brings 23+ years experience of working in Development Financial Institutions, with diversified exposure in the areas of Credit Management, Finance, Research, Information Technology and Planning. Before joining PCICL, he was Head of Australian Group as Senior Commissioner of China Development Bank (CDB). During his affiliation with CDB, he lately held positions of Division Director of Credit Management and Division Director of International Cooperation & Study in International Finance Department, while he also served as Deputy Division Director of Confidential Affairs and Deputy Division Director of General Affairs in General Office.

Mr. Wang holds degrees of Masters in Public Administration and Masters in Computer Science from China National School of Administration and Harbin Engineering University respectively. He is also a Qualified Accountant and Security Practitioner.