Pak China Investment Company Limited

Company Structure

Pak China Investment Company Ltd. has been sponsored by:

Ministry of Finance - Pakistan

The Ministry of Finance represents the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Ministry is being represented by three directors including the Finance Secretary holding the position of the Chairman of the board of directors. The Government of Pakistan has also established similar successful ventures with other countries and played an important role in setting the polices for the country.

China Development Bank - China

China Development Bank (CDB) is a premier institution presently with 32 branches and four representative offices across China. CDB total assets had grown to USD 400 Billion at the end of 2007. It has followed conscientiously China’s macroeconomic policies and carried out macro-control functions in support of national economic development and strategic structural readjustment.

CDB has been a major player in long-term financing for the key projects and supportive construction in infrastructure, basic and pillar industries, which are vital to the development of the Chinese economy.