Pak China Investment Company Limited


Request for proposal for IT External Audit

Pak China Investment Company Ltd requires the services of experienced and reputed Audit firms having prior experience of IT Audit. The Scope of Audit shall cover the following areas:

·  The overall architecture of Information Technology department covering the area of Network infrastructure, Databases, Cyber Security Controls and software applications in use etc.

· The Audit shall also cover the SBP Regulations issued from time to time.


Interested Firms are required to submit their proposal as follows-:

1. The methodology, work plan and time line for undertaking and completing the assignment and deliverables

2. Financial proposal indicating the proposed fee and expenses.

3. Please mention on envelope “Proposal for External Audit”

Interested audit firms are requested to submit their proposals before 25/11/2017 to Secretary Procurement committee, 13th Floor, Saudi Pak Tower, Blue Area Islamabad.